TS M48 adapter for Canon EOS cameras with built-in filter drawer

M48 adapter with integrated filter drawer for Canon EOS cameras - length only 9mm

♦ Suitable for unmounted filters with a diameter of 36mm or 50/50.4mm

♦ only 9 mm long

♦ does not take up more space than a T2 ring, so it can also be used on lenses or correctors

Camera and filter are not included.

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

The TS Optics filter drawer for EOS DSLR cameras is an M48 T-ring and a filter drawer at the same time. So you can connect your Canon EOS SLR camera to the lens or corrector via the M48 thread as before. However, you also have the option to use filters.

Change filters without disassembling or twisting the camera!

Application areas in astrophotography

For cameras with an original filter removed, you can insert an IR cut filter directly.

- You can use contrast enhancement filters like UHC or deep sky nebula filters)

- Even RGB photography is possible just by shooting the individual color channels with the DSLR and such

they have a significant gain in contrast.

Adaptation to correctors and lenses via M48

The filter drawer has an internal M48 thread on the telescope side. We deliberately made the filter drawer only 9mm short so you can get exactly 10mm with the TS 1 (exactly 1mm thick) stainless steel trim ring (accessory). This corresponds exactly to the thickness of a normal T2 ring.

Many correctors have a rather long T2 connection thread, which protrudes too far into the drawer and thus prevents a smooth filter change. With the adjustment ring that is inserted between the drawer and the corrector, exactly the correct distance is achieved and the connection thread no longer blocks the filter drawer.

What frameless filters can be used?

We offer two slots for the portafilter. One 36mm filter slot and one 50mm or 50.4mm filter slot. For EOS cameras with the APS-C sensor (sensors up to 30mm in diameter), you can use the smaller TSFES36 filter holder. For EOS cameras with a full-frame sensor, we recommend the larger TSFES50 filter holder. Both portafilters can be found in our recommended accessories.

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