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TS-Optics Deluxe filter holder for 50mm and 50.4mm stripped filters for TS filter drawers

The holder allows you to change filters in seconds with the TS filter drawer. The filter is held in place with a metal ring.

♦ Compatible with: 50mm and 50.4mm unmounted filters

♦ The filters are fixed with four M3 metal screws that press on a metal ring. There is no charging point.

♦ Filters are centered and stress-free.

♦ Suitable for the following TS filter drawers: TSFSLT2 and TSFSLM48

♦ Does not fit the old TSFEK2 and TSFEK48 filter drawers!

♦ Among other things, it fits all unmounted Optolong filters, all Baader filters, all Antlia and Optolong and Astronomik filters with a diameter of 50 mm or 50.4 mm.

♦ Full 48mm illumination is required, in contrast to approximately 44mm illumination with 2" filters mounted.

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS filter cartridge for 50mm and 50.4mm filters unmounted

Additional filter slots for the TS filter holder allow you to switch between different filters in a matter of seconds. You can use as many filter pans as you like and even mix 1.25" and 2" pans if needed! This allows you to use any combination of filters photographically or visually.

The filter element is suitable for 50mm and 50.4mm unmounted filters of any thickness.

The difference with the 2" mounted filters lies in the illumination

While mounted 2" filters can easily operate sensors up to APS-C format, they cause shadows on cameras with larger sensors, e.g. full frame. The faster a telescope and the farther the filter is mounted from the sensor, the the stronger the shading becomes.Through the mount, mounted filters only offer around 44mm of free path, while unmounted filters with this drawer offer a total path of 48mm.This is crucial for large sensors.

Teleskop-Service practical tips:

We recommend one insert per filter. Unscrewing the filters during photography or observation is quite impractical.


Suitable for: current TS filter drawers (not TSFEK2 and TSFEK48)
Internal thread: M48x0.75 thread - length 4 mm
Mounting of the filters: via 4x M3 female thread
Length of the internal thread: 4 mm
Distance top edge to internal thread: 7 mm

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