TS filter box to remove D- 50 mm / 50.4 mm - M54 connection - 10 mm short

The TSFEKM54 allows the use of unmounted filters and filter change with a length of only 10 mm; can be screwed directly into the M54x0.75 thread of astronomical cameras

♦ Telescope side connection: Internal thread M54x0.75

♦ Camera side connection: external thread M54x0.75

♦ Short total length: only 10 mm

♦ Accepts unmounted filters from D=50mm to D=50.4mm

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS - Filter holder M54 for unmounted filters with Ø 50 mm and 50.4 mm - only 10 mm total length!

The filter drawer is made for unmounted filters with a diameter of 50.4mm (eg Baader) or 50mm (eg Astronomik or Astrodon). We are not aware of any shorter filter change system. This TS filter drawer is a very good solution if you only have very little space between the drawer and the camera.

This filter drawer fits directly onto the M54x0.75 filter thread on large astronomical cameras, some of which are equipped with full-frame sensors. The filter is placed directly in front of the camera sensor. This optimally prevents shading. You will have very good lighting even with high intensity telescopes.

Advantages of the TS filter box compared to other systems:

♦ Any number of different filters can be used.

♦ short overall length

♦ therefore optimal lighting

♦ Less space required than, for example, a filter wheel

♦ unused filters can be stored away from dew and dust. With filter sliders, unused filters are completely unprotected!

Very short M54 connection thread on the telescopic side: The internal M54 thread is only 2 mm long, which is a concession to the short design of the drawer. If your connection adapter has a longer connection thread, you will need M54 tuning rings (see recommended accessories). If the thread penetrates too far into the drawer, the portafilter would get blocked and you would no longer be able to move it.


Optical length: only 10 mm
Telescope side connection: M54x0.75 female thread
Camera side connection: M54x0.75 male thread
Diagonal width: 80 mm
Weight: only 75 grams included filter drawer

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