TS-Optics T2 filter drawer - reinforced construction

Filter change in a few seconds without having to remove the camera or eyepiece - suitable for T2 connection - ideal for astrophotography - lightweight alternative to the filter wheel

♦ Telescope side connection: internal thread T2 - M42x0.75 - length 4.4 mm

♦ Camera side connection: external thread T2 - length 4 mm

♦ Reinforced design, also suitable for heavy cameras

♦ Total optically effective length: 18 mm (without T2 male thread)

♦ Weight: only about 100 grams - the focuser is not loaded

♦ Illustrations show filter drawer with optional portafilter

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS-Optics filter box with T2 connection for astrophotography and observation

Change filters in seconds without having to remove or rotate the camera. Weighing just 100 grams and with a diameter of 80 millimeters, this filter drawer is more compact and lighter than any filter wheel. The filter drawer is an exciting alternative, any combination of filters is possible, even a combination of 1.25" and 2" filters. This makes the TSFSLT2 filter drawer one of the most versatile filter change accessories on the market.

Summary of the advantages of the TSFSLT2 filter box:

♦ Thanks to a reinforced casing and longer T2 internal and external threads, the drawer is also suitable for heavy cameras.

♦ At only 100 grams and with a diameter of 85mm, the focuser is hardly loaded, so it is also possible to change the filter for smaller telescopes.

♦ You can use any filter and combination of filters and even switch between 1.25" and 2" mounted filters. You will find the suitable inserts in the recommended accessories.

♦ Due to the total length of only 18 mm, the drawer can be easily combined with most cameras and correctors.

Fields of application of the TS-Optics filter box:

♦ Deep sky astrophotography: L-RGB recordings, false color recordings, contrast enhancement with nebula filters with mono or color astro cameras and DSLRs

♦ Planetary Observing and Planetary Recordings – Quickly change color filters to improve contrast. In photography, the recordings can then be easily combined.

♦ Deep sky observation: Prints without filter, UHC filter, O-III filter and other filters can be directly compared with each other. This way you will always get the maximum amount of detail from the object of observation!

Which filter insert fits?

We offer inserts for 1.25" filters and 2" filters:

♦ TSSCHUB1 ... slot for 1.25" filters. The mount can be up to 7 mm high (the external thread of the mount is not included).

♦ TSSchub2 ... slot for low profile 2" filters. Mount can be up to 6.5mm high (mount external thread not included).

You can order any number of slider units through "Configure Item".

Teleskop-Service practical tips:

♦ Especially with adaptations for astrophotography, it is often reduced to a fraction of a millimeter. With our T2 tuning rings and extension rings, you can tailor the filter drawer exactly to your "image train".

♦ We recommend one drawer per filter. Unscrewing the filters during photography or observation is quite impractical.

♦ FIPA92 protective container offers optimal storage, so filters are always close at hand and stored carefully.


Connection at telescope side: T2 thread (female) - M42x0.75 - length 4.4 mm
Connection at camera side: T2 thread (male) - M42x0.75 - length 4 mm
Optical path: 18 mm (without the male T2 thread)
Weight: approx. 100 grams
Diameter: 85 mm

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