copy of EOS connecting ring for TS TSOAG9 and TSOAG16 off-axis guides

The Off Axis Guider allows individual attachment to any telescope and camera with a height of just 10mm, ideal for heavy cameras and short working distances

♦ Direct mounting to ASA 3" offsets

♦ 50mm clear aperture – ideal for full-frame sensors

♦ Individual adapter connection via 3x M3 threads and 3x M3 screw holes

♦ Guide chamber connection via T2 thread with adjustable distance

♦ The prism can be moved in the direction of the optical axis for optimal illumination without shading the recording sensor

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

Giant off-axis guide TS for maximum flexibility

The giant eccentric guide TS was originally developed by Teleskop-Service especially for the large 3" ASA Newtonian offsets. The eccentric guide is screwed directly onto the offset. This allows us to achieve an extremely short overall height of only 10 mm. However, the Guider can easily handle very heavy cameras with filter wheels weighing up to 10kg.

With individual adapter solutions, you can also connect the off-axis guide to other telescopes. The guide offers you three M3 threads (continuous) and also 3 M3 holes for cylinder head screws at an angle of 120° each. With this, every adaptation is successful. You can use the adapter #TSG-OAGAdap to make your own individual camera or telescope adaptation.

In addition to a stable construction, the off-axis guide also offers maximum flexibility. You can adjust the T2 connection on the prism tower to be able to focus the automatic guide. You can also move the entire tower of prisms. In this way, you can bring the prism to the optimum position for good illumination of the guide camera without obscuring the recording sensor.

Clear aperture: 50 mm
Thickness: 10 mm
Material: Black anodized aluminum
Distance T2 thread to prism: 28 mm to 49 mm variable
Distance holes and thread from the center: 34.25 mm

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