EOS connecting ring for TS TSOAG9 and TSOAG16 off-axis guides

This adapter allows Canon EOS DSLR cameras to be attached to TS Optics TSOAG9 and TSOAG16 off-axis guides.

♦ The adapter allows three camera positions. You can always find a position where the camera body and the side view do not collide.

♦ The TSOAG9-EOS completely disappears in the off-axis guide - the total length does not increase (with the TSOAG9G2) or hardly (1 mm with the TSOAG16).

♦ The adapter is conical, so an optimum position is always guaranteed. Tilt is not possible.

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS Optics Canon EOS adapter for TSOAG9 and TSOAG16 off-axis guides

The adapter is specially made for these two off-axis guides. Allows Canon EOS cameras to be attached via the EOS bayonet

Guider side connection: tripartite conical adapter for clamping
Camera side connection: EOS bayonet

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