TS-Optics Off-Axis Guider TSOAG9 - total length only 9 mm

This TS off-axis guider is the shortest off-axis guider we know of. However, the Guider offers all the features for successful use.

♦ Extremely short overall length: only 9mm for the 2" accessory or 11.4mm for the M48 connection thread on the telescope side.

♦ Large free aperture of more than 45 mm, thus also suitable for full-frame sensors.

♦ Can be used flexibly: We offer all adaptations for correctors, reducers and comma correctors.

♦ Connectors on the camera side: T2, M48, M42x1 and EOS available as options.

♦ Easily focus the autoguider by moving the T2 connector.

♦ The position of the prism can be freely adjusted to achieve the best possible illumination without shadows and to ideally adapt the guide star to the field correction of the telescope.

♦ Three positions are available for the prism and side view, increasing the guide star search range by a factor of three.

♦ Side T2 accessory can be moved on the prism tower. This allows you to ideally focus the guide camera and calibrate the recording camera.

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS Optics TSOAG9 Ultra Short Off-Axis Guide for Astrophotography

The short off-axis guider TSOAG9 was developed by Teleskop Service. It can be used on almost any telescope and replaces the guide scope. Tracking becomes more accurate and the mount is less stressed. The TSOAG9 is the shortest off-axis guider in its class and is particularly suitable for retrofits where space is limited. However, the TSOAG9 offers compelling features.

The advantages and features of the TSOAG9 at a glance:

♦ Short design... from the M48 thread to the camera side connection is only 11.4mm.

♦ The best illumination... the free inner diameter is 45.5 mm; the prism can also be adjusted freely to avoid prism shadow.

♦ Easy autoguider focus... the side T2 accessory can also be adjusted, so the autoguider can be easily focused without changing the distance between the main camera and the corrector.

♦ Three possible positions of the camera to the prism... Due to the special design of the connection adapter in T2, EOS or M48, three positions of the prism to the camera sensor are possible. This also prevents shading by the prism.

♦ Flexible adaptation on the camera side... In the accessories area you will find the necessary connection adapters for T2, M42, M48 and EOS. The adapters do not increase the overall length of the guide off-axis.

Connecting the TSOAG9 to the telescope or corrector:

The TSOAG9 has a short 2" fitting with an M48x0.75/2" filter thread on the telescope side. This allows flexible adaptation.

Connection to 2" receptacle... With the TSVF230 2" extension sleeve you can adapt the TSOAG9 to any 2" receptacle.

Connection to correctors with T2 or M48 thread... The TSOAG9 can be directly adapted to correctors and focal length reducers with M48 connection. The TST2-M48s or TST2-M48L adapter allows adaptation to correctors with T2 connection.

TSOAG9 to Baader MPCC Coma Corrector... The TSOAG9 fits directly into the M48 connection thread of the corrector (image on the left). The combination offers comma correction and tracking in the smallest spaces. From the off-axis guide camera connection adapter to the sensor, you still have 46.6mm, enough space even for a DSLR camera.

More connection options...

TeleVue correctors via TSTV-M48a adapter

Vixen field correctors for VMC, VC and APO via TSViRed-M48 adapter

ZEISS M68x1 level connectors via M68I-M48A adapter

How do I adapt the recording camera to the TSOAG9:

You need one of the optional connection adapters for the correct camera connection. The adapters are made for the TSOAG9 and fit perfectly.

The adapters are tapered, so an optimal position is always guaranteed. At the same time, you can detach the camera without unscrewing it.

♦ TSOAG9-T2 ... for all other connections via thread M42x0.75/T2

♦ TSOAG9-M42 ... the M42x1 connection is mainly used for a short adaptation of DSLR cameras.

♦ TSOAG9-M48 ... for all other connections via filter thread M48x0.75/2"

♦ TSOAG9-EOS ... allows direct connection of Canon EOS DSLR cameras.

TSOAG9G2 - Mounts on cameras with protruding flash housing

The thumbscrews of the TSOAG9 collide with the flash housing. If you still want to use the off-axis guide on a DSLR with a protruding flash housing, we recommend short M4 screws or grub screws. Alternatively, we recommend the TSOAG9EOS for Canon EOS cameras.

Telescope side connection: 2" barrel and female M48x0.75 thread length 2.5 mm
Path from camera adapter to the 2" barrel: 9 mm - shortest length
Path from camera adapter to the M48x0.75 thread at the telescope side: 11.4 mm - the length of the female M48 thread is 2.5 mm
Camera side connection: Quick coupling with three screws - diameter 51 mm - fits to connecting adapter
Lateral connector for autoguider or guiding crosshair eyepiece: T2 (M42x0.75) - adjustable distance to prism
Clear aperture: D=45.6 mm
Distance from the middle of the prism to the lateral T2 connection: 26 mm to 38 mm adjustable
Distance from the middle of the prism to the front side of the TSOAG9: 6.7 mm
Distance from the middle of the prism to the camera side of the TSOAG9: 4.5 mm

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