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TS-Optics Off Axis Guider with ZEISS M68x1 thread connection - short

Off Axis Guider for heavy cameras: possibility of lighting large format

♦ ZEISS level connection thread M68x1 on both sides

♦ Total length only 16.7 mm (without connection thread M68x1)

♦ Three insertion holes for the T2 mount on the side, so you always have the optimal position for the camera sensor

♦ free passage 62.5 mm: this means that large format and full format CCD cameras can also be used

♦ Solid no-clamp construction...everything is screwed down, even for particularly heavy CCD cameras

♦ Side focus can be adjusted individually, so focus levels can be seamlessly calibrated

♦ the prism can be moved to get the best possible position for the corrector

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS off-axis guide with ZEISS M68x1 threaded connection - short

Off-axis guide for heavy cameras: lighting up to large format possible

TS Giant M68 off-axis guide

The large TS off-axis guide with the ZEISS Level M68x1 connection thread is a further logical development of our short TSOAG9. The off-axis guide is designed for the heaviest cameras and is very short at just 16.7mm. However, it offers all the options you need for professional tracking.

Three connections for the prism tower

The off-axis guide is solidly built. There is no built-in rotation device that can reduce stiffness. To place the prism in the best possible position for the filter wheel and/or camera sensor, you can use three insert holes for the prism tower. The other two holes are closed by small inserts to prevent the penetration of stray light.

♦ They prevent an unfavorable position of the prism for the camera sensor, eg exactly on one edge and thus reflections or shadows.

♦ They avoid problems of autoguider space with the camera or with the filter wheel

The short design of the TSOAG68

The off-axis guider is designed to be consistently short without making any compromises in terms of stability or ease of use. This means that all elements can also be operated with gloves and can also be held sensibly.

Telescope side connection: M68x1 female thread (5.5 mm length)
Camera side connection: M68x1 male thread (4 mm length)
Optical length: 16.7 mm (w/o male thread)
Free aperture: 62.5 mm
Internal surface: with anti-reflective thread
Guiding cam connection: T2 (M42 x 0.75)
Distance from female M68 thread to prism center: 11.5 mm
Minimum distance from prism center to T2 thread: 27 mm
Length of prism tower: 45 mm

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