TS-Optics COLOR AstroKamera 571MP Sony IMX571 sensor D-28.3mm

Cooled USB 3.0 full frame astronomical camera with high sensitivity and zero amp brightness for deep sky astrophotography

♦ Sony IMX410 full frame color sensor - backlit

♦ 24 x 36 mm - diagonal 43.3 mm

♦ 24MP - 6064x4040 pixels

♦ 5.94 µm pixel size: can be used in almost all telescopes

♦ 14-bit ADC: dynamic range like a CCD sensor

♦ No amp glow with Zero Ampglow circuitry

♦ Built-in UV/IR blocking filter as protective glass

♦ DDR Buffer 512 MB for stable data transfer

♦ Connection thread M54x0.75 (internal thread)

♦ Rear focus 17.5 mm (distance between sensor and wire)

♦ Grouping is supported

♦ The camera manufacturer is Touptek

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS SkyEye 24AC Full-Frame Color Astrocamera with Peltier Cooling

This state-of-the-art camera uses Sony's latest full-frame 14-bit back-illuminated IMX410 ADC sensor. With 5.94 µm pixels, the camera can be used in almost all astronomical telescopes with good lighting.

Due to the high sensitivity of around 80% QE, we also recommend the camera for somewhat weaker telescopes such as RC, EHD, ACF-Cassegrains or refractors. Even at f/7 or f/8 you can take beautiful astro photos in just one night.

The "single shot" color camera offers more convenience than monochrome cameras. Not everyone wants to use the complex L-RGB process to get beautiful color nebula images or planetary images. Color cameras give you the opportunity to get great pictures without changing the filter. However, in a direct comparison with the DSLR camera, the color camera convinces with a much higher light sensitivity, a softer image and a significantly greater depth. Stars don't burn out that fast.

Back lighting technology:

Sony's back-illuminated CMOS image sensor improves sensitivity and noise reduction, key factors in improving image quality, by changing the basic pixel structure from front to back exposure. The advantages of CMOS image sensors, such as low power consumption and high operating speed, have been retained.

Postexposure improves light capture while increasing the amount of light. This makes significantly shorter exposure times possible and leads to an improved quantum efficiency of 80%.

Sony has developed a unique photodiode structure and on-chip lens optimized for back-illuminated structures, resulting in higher sensitivity and lower non-light random noise by reducing noise, dark current, and defective pixels compared to traditional structure with front lighting.

No amp glow:

Conventional CMOS sensors produce a faint source of infrared light during operation, which can often be seen in the corners of uncalibrated images as a telltale sign of "amplifier brightness." Because this camera's sensor uses zero brightness circuitry, you don't have to worry about "amperage brightness" even when using high-gain, long-exposure images.

Optimum support before and after the purchase by Teleskop-Service

Thanks to many years of experience, we can offer you the best possible advice and also an excellent after-sales service. We can perform almost all services in-house. For a professional service, we also have a clean room, where we can carry out repairs, cleaning, etc. excluding dust.

Connection to correctors with M48 thread and 55 mm working distance with filter change

Most Newtonian coma correctors or refractor field flatteners have a 55mm working distance and an M48x0.75 thread on the camera side. Here is an interesting suggestion for the connection. The camera has a 17.5mm back focus from the M54x0.75 internal thread. Note, however, that with very fast telescopes (f/4 or faster), the M48 thread already causes slight shadows at the edges. You get it with a "Flat" away.

The adapters are from the camera to the corrector:

♦ # AFSM54-M54 - Antlia modular filter drawer with M54 thread on both sides - total length 21mm (filter holder still required, suitable filter holders are linked to the drawer)

♦ #TSM54a-M48i - TS-Optics M54 to M48 Adapter - 1.5mm length

♦ # TSVF215 - TS-Optics Extension M48 - length 15 mm

Sensor type: Sony IMX410
Sensor size: 36 mm x 24 mm, diagonal 43.3 mm
Pixel size: 5.94 µm
Resolution: 6072x4042 (24 MPixel)
Shutter: Rolling Shutter
ADC: 14 bit
Cooling: Powerful Peltier cooling up to 35 °C below ambient
Full well: 100 ke
Readout noise: 1.1 e - 6.4 e
Sensitivity: Peak 80% QE
Zero Ampglow circuit: Yes
Entry window: IR Cut Filter
Power requirements: 12 V, 3 A
Telescope connection: M54x0.75 female thread
Working distance from internal thread to sensor: 17.5 mm
Diameter: 89 mm - Height 103 mm
Weight: 0.718 kg

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