TRITON binoviewer Omegon Pro 1,25''

The next generation binocular: focus with any telescope without increasing the focal length

A clear image for both eyes, with any telescope. No gimmicks and optical lenses. The Omegon Pro Bino makes it possible. A new optical system allows you to easily focus even with Newtonian telescopes and short refractors. And without changing the focal length or magnification. Completely without trajectory corrector or Barlow lens, but with a fantastically good image.

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

The advantages at a glance:

Binocular with beam splitter mirror: Better contrast and less optical errors. The result: a much better image

Zero Back Focus: You can achieve focus with any telescope

Does not require trajectory corrector or Barlow lens

Even small magnifications are possible with a large field of view, since the focal length is not enlarged

Twist-Lock system: your eyepieces are self-centering and hold flat

Recommended for telescopes with an aperture ratio between f/5 - f/7

A bino for every telescope: zero back focus

Normally, all standard binoculars need a large 100mm optical path. This means that not all telescopes are suitable for this. Or you need a path corrector with a strong extension that also extends the focal length. Not anymore! Use this bino on your Newtonian telescope or any other telescope. Just plug it in, focus and watch. Now you can enjoy the sky with both eyes through any telescope.

For the moon, planets and deep sky objects

Insert your favorite eyepieces into your new binocular. Regardless of whether it is a small, medium or large focal length: the magnification always corresponds to the respective eyepiece and is not enlarged. Even the field of view remains the same, as if you were looking through your eyepiece in an ordinary monocular way. The added bonus: Now you don't just use high magnifications for planets, but also low ones for long walks in the deep sky. Try it with an ordinary binocular.

Beam splitting mirror: the concept for better images

This bino is out of place! Completely different, it has a reflectorless beam splitter mirror with 99% reflection. What do you get out of this? This optic offers you in comparison:

a better picture

more contrast

fewer artifacts

Thanks to the mirror system, less light is lost and brighter images are obtained. Even at higher magnifications.

Sliding system: perfect vision for everyone

Completely different: the Omegon bino has a modern sliding system and no articulated bridge. With an additional scale, you can precisely set your personal interpupillary distance between 58 and 74 mm. This makes looking through binoculars an experience for the whole family: even your children can marvel at the moon and planets in the smallest setting.

Twist Lock 1.25": Center the eyepieces firmly and smoothly

That speaks for the Omegon bino's high-quality design: the 1.25" Twist Lock adapter. It automatically centers the eyepieces and ensures a smooth, firm hold over a large 15mm area. Gone are the days when eyepieces Eyepieces had deep notches.Because the knurled screw is drilled into the sleeve.Twist Lock ensures long life for your eyepieces and maximum enjoyment of accessories.

portrait image

The seven-lens system gives you a vertical image. With the Newtonian telescope, there are no additional optical elements. With the refractor or SC telescope, we recommend combining it with the optionally available pentaprism for a vertical image.

Ideal for eyepieces with a maximum field stop of 22mm. With eyepieces with a larger field stop, the field of view may be somewhat limited.



Coating of optical system  dielectric
Connection (to the telescope)  1,25" 
Connection ( to eyepiece) 1,25"
Interpupillar distance (mm) 58 - 74
Number of lenses 7
Number of groups 5
Surface reflection  99
Magnification factor 1
Free transmission (mm) 17,4
Filter thread  yes

Special features

Ring clamp  yes
Correction of vertically reversed image  yes
Correction of horizontally reversed image  yes


Transport cases yes


Weight (g) 710
Overall size LxWxH (cm) 12,7 x 10,6 x 5
Colour black
Type Binocular head
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