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Optolong L-Pro 50mm Unmounted Broadband Nebula Filter for Astrophotography

The L-Pro nebula filter for astrophotography improves the contrast of deep sky objects and dampens the sky background.

♦ Diameter 50 mm - filter thickness 2 mm

♦ Suitable for CCD and CMOS cameras

♦ blocks UV and IR (700 - 1100 nm)

♦ high passband transmission

♦ Improved color balance for one-shot color astronomical and SLR cameras, eg ZWO cooled or uncooled ASI color cameras.

♦ high optical quality

♦ on 2" filter holder

♦ The L-Pro nebula filter allows approximately 3 times longer exposure time than without a filter and thus considerably improves contrast.

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

Optolong L-Pro Broadband Nebula Filter

This filter also allows astrophotography from close to the city and gives the best possible results. Optolong L-Pro nebula filters cause a significant increase in contrast and allow longer exposure times with DSLR, color and astro MONO cameras by a factor of about 3.

The filter offers better color balance than comparable filters on DSLRs and also on modern single-shot color cameras with CMOS sensors, such as those offered by ZWO. Of course, the filter also brings a significant improvement with MONO cameras, for example in luminance recording.

Exposure time extension - factor 3

The exposure time can be extended by a factor of about 3. This means you can expose about 3 times longer than without a filter before the sky background becomes visible. The light from nebulae, on the other hand, passes through almost unhindered. This significantly increases the contrast and nebulae that would not otherwise be within the telescope's photographic range can be photographed even from the immediate vicinity of cities. Even with galaxies and star clusters, the filter brings a significant boost.

Coating Properties:

The coatings are not cemented to the optical support, but are applied by electron beam evaporation followed by ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD process). This special process allows for extreme durability and scratch resistance as well as high central wavelength (CWL) constancy and prevents temperature drift. Also, there is high transmission in the passband and high optical density in the stopband.

Filter size: 50 mm diameter - 2 mm thickness
Substrate: High-quality optical glass
Surface Treatment: Fine-optically polished
Surface Polish Quality: 60/40 (Refer to MIL-O-13830)
Surface Quality: 1/4 wavefront
Transmission: approx. 95% at passband
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