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Optolong UV/IR blocking filter and 2" luminance filter mounted

The L filter blocks infrared and ultraviolet light. It is used as a luminance filter for deep sky images.

♦ 2" with low profile filter mount

♦ 2mm filter thickness: compatible with all Optolong filters and also with Baader filters

♦ Precise filter curves with sharp edges for maximum light transmission

♦ Free of ghost images and reflections thanks to extensive coating

♦ Supplied in a robust storage case

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

Optolong 2" UV/IR Cut Filter and Luminance Filter

The filter reliably blocks ultraviolet and infrared light. This increases the contrast and sharpness of images. The filter is absolutely necessary for photography through telescopes and optics, where lenses or correctors are installed. The most important application areas of the filter are:

♦ Luminance filter/L filter for L-RGB recordings with astronomical cameras (astrophotography)

♦ Infrared cut filter for deep sky recordings with cameras without IR cut filter, blurry star images are avoided

♦ Infrared cut filter for lunar and planetary images to increase sharpness by blocking IR light

♦ Reflection of thermal radiation and blocking of UV radiation, so the filter is also used for solar observation and photography. The filter itself has no damping effect, so it can only be used with a suitable lens sunscreen.

Filter type: Interference filter
Size: 2" filter - mounted
Filter thickness: 2 mm
Filter holder: Low-profile cell with M48x0.75 external thread (length 2 mm)
Height of cell: 5 mm without external thread
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