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Optolong 31mm H-Alpha, O-III, S-II Narrow Band Filter Set for Astrophotography

Optolong narrowband filter set for astrophotography with extreme contrast, also suitable for the Hubble range

♦ Bandwidth H-alpha (7nm), O-III (6.5nm) and S-II (6.5nm)

♦ 31 mm unmounted

♦ Precise filter curves for very good contrast

♦ Multi-layer anti-reflective coating

♦ Scratch resistant hard coating for long life

♦ Identical filter thicknesses for homofocality

♦ Each filter comes in a high quality transport and storage box

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

Optolong Narrow Band Filter Set

The filter set includes three filters and allows astrophotography to be taken with extreme contrast. The filter set is suitable for CCD and CMOS cameras. Monochrome cameras are mainly used for narrowband photography, but color cameras are also suitable. With the correct mapping (R-G-B to SII-Ha-OIII), you can use the Hubble palette colors through photographic post-processing. Due to the narrow bandwidth of the filters, high-contrast images can be taken even in conditions of strong light pollution.

The filter set consists of:

♦ H-alpha filter with 7nm HWB:

This nebula filter is suitable for the H-II regions and is the most popular narrow band nebula filter. Significantly increases the contrast of emission nebulae, which radiate around 656.3 nm in H-alpha.

♦ O-III filter with 6.5nm HWB:

The filter lets through light from doubly ionized oxygen around 496 nm, which is present mainly in planetary nebulae, but also in many gas nebulae. The filter is particularly suitable for planetary nebulae.

♦ S-II sulfur filter with 6.5nm HWB:

The filter is an important addition to the so-called Hubble palette, that is, when taking false color images. Many emission nebulae also participate in sulfur light around 672nm.

Filter type: Interference filter
Size: 31 mm unmounted
FWHM: 7 nm (H-alpha), 6.5 nm (S-II and O-III)
Filter thickness: 2 mm
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