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TS-Optics CCD adapter for Canon EOS to T2 lenses - 10mm length

Use your high quality Canon EOS, EF and EF-S lens on your CCD or CMOS camera for high quality deep sky images.

♦ Connection on the lens side: Canon EOS bayonet inside (female)

♦ Camera side connection: external thread M42x0.75 T2 - thread length 4mm

♦ Only 10mm short - suitable for all common astronomical cameras (external thread is not included)

♦ Working distance from the T2 thread 34 mm (taking into account the backfocus of Canon 44 mm lenses)

♦ Not suitable for STM lenses as they require power supply to focus

♦ The connection adapters to the T2 thread for optimal adaptation to the chamber and the ultra-short filter holder drawers are found in the accessories section.

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS-Optics T2 short adapter for astronomical cameras and CMOS cameras on Canon EOS lenses

Use your high-quality EOS camera lens and image large areas of the sky, for example. The camera replaces the SLR camera.

The adapter is suitable for astronomical cameras with a working distance of up to 34 mm. They fit all common ZWO, Atik, SBIG, QHY or Moravian cameras.

Connection at lens side: Canon EF lens mount female
Connection at camera side: M42x0.75 T2 male - length of the thread 4 mm
Length of the adapter: 10 mm (without the M48 thread)
Distance from M48 thread to camera sensor: 34 mm

What´s included in the bos:

♦ Helical Focuser with 2 locking screws

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