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TS-Optics CCD Camera Adapter with T2 Connection for Canon EOS Lenses

Attach your CCD camera to the Canon EOS bayonet and use your high quality astrophotography lenses.

♦ Use your high-quality CCD camera and a sharp Canon EOS lens to take unique wide-field photos of the starry sky.

♦ Simply attach your EOS lens to the adapter's EOS bayonet and lock with the locking ring - it's easy

♦ Simply connect your CCD camera or autoguider to the adapter's T2 thread (M42x0.75).

♦ Then you can simply mount the unit on your telescope or connect it directly to your photo tripod.

♦ One-piece metal construction, so it is very strong and rigid

♦ Flat base with 1/4" photo tripod connection thread and three M5 threads (image on the left)

♦ 1.25" filter insert included (image left)

♦ Extra short total length: only 19 mm. With the TS T2 tuning rings and extension sleeves, you can easily position your CCD camera at the correct distance.

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

Use your high-quality Canon EOS lens to get the best wide-field shots of the starry sky with your CCD camera

There is a large selection of very good lenses available for the most popular Canon EOS cameras. What could be more obvious than using these lenses for astrophotography with high-resolution CCD cameras? This adapter connects your CCD camera to the lens and also provides a connection to a photo tripod or saddle clamp.

The possibilities and advantages of the EOS lens and CCD camera combination

♦ Much deeper images of the sky can be obtained with cooled CCD cameras than with uncooled DSLR cameras.

♦ The resolution and, above all, the depth of the images with CCD cameras are higher, the objects do not burn as quickly and the images appear more plastic in general

♦ Completely different parts of the sky can be shown than with photography through a telescope. Nebulae, star clusters and even galaxies can be presented in a completely new way in high quality. Like the image of the North America Nebula - left.

♦ With an autoguider, your EOS lens can even be used as a compact guide scope. This is ideal for astronomical flights, where every gram counts.

The Canon EOS TS Adapter is suitable for the following lenses:

All Canon EOS lenses for full frame and APS-C format and of course third party lenses such as Sigma which are designed for Canon EOS cameras.

The EOS lens adapter is suitable for the following CCD and CMOS cameras:

Due to the short optically effective length of the adapter of only 19 mm, it can adapt almost all CCD cameras, camcorders with a C-mount thread, cameras from Imaging Source...

Since most cameras have a very small distance between the chip and the connecting thread, you may still need T2 extension rings to create the correct distance between the lens and the camera. In addition to extension rings, we also offer transition adapters to other connections, such as C-Mount or 1.25".

Video cameras and planetary cameras can also be used.

Appropriate adapters (T2 to C-Mount or T2 to 1.25" receptacle) are linked in Recommended Accessories.

filtering element

The adapter has an M37 thread inside the T2 thread. If required and if the sensor is not too large, an adapter with M28.5 filter thread can be screwed in here. Then the entire range of filters with 1.25" socket is available. The filter cartridge is included in the scope of supply.

Tripod mount or piggyback mount

Many CCD cameras do not have a connection for photographic tripods. This EOS adapter solves the problem. The base of the adapter has a 1/4" photo tripod connection thread and three M5 threads. This means you can easily attach the adapter to photo tripods, ball heads or also dovetail bars and saddle clamps.

Connection lens side: Canon EOS bayonet
Connection camera side: T2-thread, male
Clear aperture: 35 mm
Length: 19 mm
Adjustment of the correct flange focal distance of 44,0 mm: via T2 extension tubes
Connection to tripod: 1/4" photo thread
Construction: aluminium, anodized

What´s included in the bos:

♦ Helical Focuser with 2 locking screws

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