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TS-Optics Single Connection Adapter for the TS-Optics Giant Off Axis Guider

The single connection adapter for the TS Giant Off Axis Guider allows connection to almost any telescope or camera.

♦ individually manufactured according to your wishes

♦ fits almost all telescopes or almost all correctors

♦ fits almost all cameras or almost all filter changers

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS-Optics individual connection adapter for the TS-Optics giant eccentric guider

The TS giant eccentric guide is characterized by its short design and particularly versatile connection options. In addition to our standard adapters, we also offer the option of individual adaptation. This applies to both the camera side and the telescope side.

The connection dimensions of the Giant Off Axis Guider:

♦ Three M3 through threads offset by 120°

♦ three holes suitable for M3 countersunk screws offset by 120° - distance to threads - 4 mm

♦ Holes and threads are 34.25mm from center

In order to optimally manufacture the adapter for you, we require the following information:

Adapter for the telescope side or for the camera side?

On the telescope side:

♦ Connection thread on telescope or corrector side - always indicate which corrector is used

♦ Desired total length of the adapter

On the camera side:

♦ Filter wheel or chamber connection thread: always indicate which chamber or filter changer is used

♦ Desired total length of the adapter

Designed for: TS-Optics Gigant Off-Axis Guider
Suitable for side: Telescope side or camera side
Pitch circle diameter: 68.50 mm
Thread: Three M3 through-hole threads, offset by 120°
Holes: Three through holes for M3 countersunk screws, offset by 120°
Distance between threads and holes: 4 mm
Distance of threads and holes to the center: 34.25 mm

What goes in the box:

♦ TS Optics Adapter

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