TS-Optics adapter from M69x1 to M48x0.75 for TS 2.5" flattener and TSLPR3 monorail focuser

The adapter allows the connection of M48x0.75 accessories to the internal thread M69x1 of the TS 2.5" flattener and to the monorail focuser of large RC telescopes.

♦ Connection thread on the telescope side: External thread M69x1 - length 5 mm

♦ Camera side connection thread: External thread M48x0.75 - length 5 mm

♦ Total Optically Effective Length: 36.5mm

♦ M48x0.75 female thread inside the adapter to house 2" filters or adapt correctors

♦ Stable construction for maximum load, also suitable for very heavy cameras.

♦ Other adaptations, filter wheels or off-axis guides are available.

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS-Optics M48x0.75 connection adapter for TSFLAT2.5 full-frame corrector

The adapter allows the connection of accessories such as camera adapters, off-axis guides... through the 2" M48x0.75 filter thread.

The relatively long design of the 36.5mm adapter is intentional. The TSFLAT2.5 has a relatively long working distance between 87mm and 106mm. The transition adapter allows the adaptation of space-saving accessories without unnecessary intermediate rings.

In addition, the adapter offers a 2" filter thread on the inside. This allows you to connect 2" nebula filters without changing the distance between the flattener and the camera.

Alternative product - M69-M48 ... We offer a much shorter adapter to M48 for all astrophotographers who need more space. The M69-M48 adapter is linked in the accessories area.

TS Optics M48x0.75 connection adapter for the internal thread M69x1 of the 3" TSLPR3 monorail focuser

This focuser is used on RC telescopes from TS-Optics, Astro Tech, GSO... from 10" aperture. The adapter fits directly into the M69x1 internal thread of these focusers.

Of course, the internal thread M48x0.75 of the adapter can be used to hold 2" filters, but also to adapt the 2" corrector for RC telescopes, TSRCFlat2.

The corrector is then lowered into the focuser. The mechanical travel from the external thread M48x0.75 on the camera side to the internal thread is 10.5mm (the external thread does not count here). So if you screw the corrector directly onto the filter thread, you have a working distance of 98.5mm from the adapter's M48 thread connection.

Telescope side thread: M69x1 male, 5 mm length
Camera side thread: M48x0.75 male, 5 mm length
Optical length: 36.5 mm
Additional thread: M48x0.75 female - 10.5 mm distance to the male M48 thread

What goes in the box:

♦ TS Optics Adapter

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