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Microscopio Albatros-II Metalúrgico

ALBATROS II METALURGICAL. Infinity Plan Correction Optical System (IPCS), Onepiece Structure, Stable and Reliable

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It's mandatory to choose vertebra module and one of the power supply options.


  • AX10B - Vertebra module 100w halogen lamp house (for Albatros II)
  • AX11A - Vertebra metallurgic reflected illuminator
  • POLQ9 - Polarizer
  • POLY9 - Analyzer
  • AMM - Micrometer

AYX4 - 12V 100W Halogen Lamp Power House

AZ-0022G - 12V 100W Osram Halogen Lamp (For 12V 100W Power House)

AYX2 - 12V 50W Halogen Lamp Power House

AZ-0022E - 12V 50W Osram Halogen Lamp

AQ5B - 12V 50W Halogen Lamps Electric Parts

AZ-0022E - 12V 50W Osram Halogen Lamp

Attention: you must choose at least 4 different objectives

You need to choose at least one

Recommended when 100x is used usually

Recommended When 40x is used usually

Recommended for smallest imagen sensors 1/4"


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