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Howie Glatter 635nm 2" Alignment Laser

Howie Glatter Laser - How to align your telescope with maximum precision

There are many laser collimators on the astronomical market, and many are poorly made. A laser beam that floats on the primary mirror like an inkblot or a sleeve that tilts at the focuser...

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

Who can speak of a precisely adjusted telescope? What good then is the most expensive telescope? Precision is what counts in optics.


Fortunately, there is a solution: a Howie Glatter laser.


A cylinder that fills the focuser.

Depending on the model, the Howie Glatter Laser has a barrel diameter of 1.25" or 2". Unlike many competitors, the diameter is exactly the same.


The laser sits perfectly, which is exactly why you can achieve an equally perfect fit with it.


fine laser beam

You send a well-defined, round laser beam through your telescope. Depending on whether you are adjusting more during the day or at night, you can choose between the model with the brightest or darkest laser beam.


The laser diode has been precisely adjusted and set at the factory. Even if you subject the Howie Glatter laser to shock, the setting remains stable.


Even more precise: the 1mm stop shadow mask

The Howie Glatter Laser is a well thought out principle. This becomes clear at the latest when you look at the accessories. Various masks can be screwed on the front, which makes the fit even more precise.


A shadow mask with a 1 mm center circle is already included in the scope of delivery. This further limits the laser beam. When the mirror bounces the beam, you see a central point with concentric circles forming around it.


Accessories for your alignment laser

In addition to the 1mm mask, other optional accessories are available for your Howie Glatter laser. A Barlow insert, a holographic grille, extension sleeves with a 45° disc: increase your fit even more with these elements. With the holographic grating, you can, for example, center the secondary mirror exactly in a Newtonian telescope and easily set the offset. With the Barlow element, even more precise adjustment of the primary mirror is possible.


Howie Glatter lasers offer a sharp alignment of your Newtonian telescope. What does that give you? Enjoy sharp images, high contrast and you can also see a number of details in the sky - turn frustration with adjustment into a love of observing.


The advantages at a glance:


precision manufactured laser housing

precisely fitting 1.25" and 2" dimensions (depending on model)

factory set laser diode

shock resistant

Screw thread for useful accessories

the 1mm shadow mask for beam limiting and concentric circles

battery included

plastic container



Conexión (lado de telescopio)  2" 
Longitud de eje central (nm) 635

En general

Tipo Accesorios de alineación
Tipo de construcción Punteros láser

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