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Hotech Alignment Laser 1.25" SCA Laser Collimator Sight

Hotech Laser Collimator - Adjust your telescope without tilting the laser

Imagine: you are observing with your telescope, but something is wrong. What is? Why are the stars no longer really sharp? The planet Jupiter, something is wrong with that too, the contrast is bad. The night is clear, but the observation is a total bummer. Of course, it's obvious that your telescope just isn't set exactly right. You have to do something, adjust the telescope again, but how? Best of all simple - with a laser.

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

A self-focusing laser


Many single-alignment lasers tend to lean on the focuser. The fit would be gone. The Hotech Collimator is different: the laser cannot be tilted thanks to its self-centering design. You do not need a screw to hold the collimator on the focuser. Some focusers have slight diameter tolerances. This is also easily fixed for the Hotech Laser.


You can even adjust your telescope when it is mounted on the mount, the parallel position of the laser is always assured.


With 45° objective

With the integrated 45° lens, adjustment can be done by one person in no time. Once the red laser dot has been centered on the center mark of the main mirror, the beam is reflected back to the laser.

Extremely fine dot projection is reflected on the etched surface, reminiscent of a lens. Now it is very easy to complete the adjustment on the primary mirror.

The advantages at a glance:


precise adjustment: self-centering laser

The laser stays absolutely parallel without tilting

very fine laser point

45° crosshair for easy adjustment

The 2" version comes with a 2" adapter, which is also self-centering.

Available in 1.25" (item #22956) or 2" (see product name) version

durable: powerful 3V battery

stable case for storing the laser

point of view


In this version, the Hotech Laser has a cross. This is reflected back into the reticle with the laser dot. If the laser dot disappears in the central hole of the collimator, the crosshairs offer the possibility of making the finest corrections in the adjustment.



Diodo láser II
Rendimiento máximo (mW) 1
Tipo de pila 3V Lithium Batterie
Conexión (lado de telescopio)  1,25" 

En general

Longitud (mm) 127
Diámetro (mm) 30
Peso (g) 97
Tipo Accesorios de alineación
Tipo de construcción Punteros láser

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