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DayStar reducer for 0.5x and with included M42 extension 0.33x for quark filters

The DayStar reducer gives you a wider field of view for your shots.

2" mount to T-connector, with included T-extension sleeve for further reduction.

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Entrega entre 15 y 20 días laborables

When a T-mount camera is attached directly to the reducer, the focal length is halved to 0.5X. With the 20mm extension tube you get a reduction of 0.33x.

Reducer Specifications:

Four elements in two groups.

36mm aperture.

Front: 2" male eye barrel.

Rear: T-male thread (M42x0.75)

Flange to flange distance: 5 mm.

Overall length: 38mm.

Extension Sleeve Specifications:

Front: Internal thread T (M42x0.75)

Rear: T-male thread (M42x0.75)

Flange distance: 20mm

Overall Length: 25mm

Blackened edges for optimal contrast.

Our expert comment:

This reducer can only be used in combination with a DayStar filter. The filter must have a 2" plug connection and the chip must have a diagonal of less than 1.5 cm.

To connect to the popular quark filter, you also need the Daystar 1.25" to 2" adapter (item number 53980)

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