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Mención especial a Raúl López

Posted on2 Years ago

From HAXON we want to make a special mention to Raul Lopez, one of the lucky owners of our Achilles II, the battering ram of our brand.
Raul Lopez, a versatile man in the strictest sense of the word, studied Business Studies at the E.U. M (Pompeu Fabra) and is a specialist in financial advice, although science in general has always been his passion, developing deep interests in the field of photography, astronomy and microscopy, supported by countless awards, publications and collaborations that crown his record; also, although he is in full collision with his skeptical vision born of his technical and scientific knowledge, he is a lover of the observation of the phenomena of the unknown as we can see in his WebSite "Tiempo de Misterio"

. A critical look, from the skepticism, based on the technique and the empiric trying to illuminate different unknowns about the phenomena that escape to our senses.

From HAXON we want to emphasize one of Raul Lopez's facets related to microscopic and astronomical photography; a field where he has developed the empirical techniques of the instruments achieving spectacular results. Proof of this is his Youtube channel:

Where we can find tutorials for the handling of one of the most complex editing programs for Pix insight astrophotography.

In a simple and didactic way, Raul, teaches us step by step, tutorial by tutorial, how to convert and how to capture those images and then, through the tools offered by the program Pixinsight, turn it into a great deep space photography.

In these tutorials we can learn from basic stacking to treat the deconvolution of luminance, the famous dynamic crop or exponential transformation among many others in a simple and orderly way. Also shown are quick and easy processing tutorials for those who the maelstrom of everyday life does not allow them to devote more time to this task and seek good results in the shortest time possible.
Useful tools for those who are already initiated, amateurs, professionals or those who are starting in this exciting world of astrophotography.

His approach to the microscopic world has been slower but his vast knowledge of photography techniques in general and his innate ability to adapt is giving spectacular results. A series of general biology videos sow their seeds with a high quality optical and image treatment. Videos where we can find samples of the different illumination systems of our HAXON Achilles II Microscope working in phase contrast, dark field or light field and at the same time combined with polarization systems and interference retarders.

We hope you like it. Greetings from HAXON!

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