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LUIS MONJE ARENAS “Lo que el ojo no ve”

Posted on2 Years ago

We want to open this blog with one of the main figures in scientific photography in this country and possibly the whole world Luis Monje Arenas. A globetrotter in a perennial search for what nature, science and technology hide from us and what he, with his unwavering attitude, his vast knowledge and his imagination reserved for a few geniuses, is capable of showing us. Transforming that hidden reality into an Art that recreates in its images loaded with beauty, feelings and messages.

He has a degree in Biology and a higher degree in scientific image from the University of Alcalá, and he is the president of the Spanish Association of Scientific and Forensic Image. He has numerous titles, management positions and awards that crown his list of achievements. Author and co-author of 18 books, his career, almost always linked to the University of Alcalá which he saw developing the first International Postgraduate Course in Scientific and Forensic Image in 2014, consecrated him as the professional, cultural, scientific and media figure he is today.

On a personal level, a deep affection and sympathy unites us with him. Early fevers left him almost without hearing and thanks to science and technology through a cochlear implant we can enjoy all aspects of this Genius that we are lucky to have among us. Great person, communicative, very media-oriented and always immersed in projects and collaborations make him an easy person to love and appreciate.

He has currently opened a large exhibition of scientific photography for the Spanish embassy in Cuba as a prelude to a Royal Exhibition in Havana when the pandemic is over. It opened on 12 October 2020 and for 16 weeks will present "What the eye does not see", an exhibition of scientific photography at the highest level. Here is the presentation video

Haxon is present in the professional environment of Luis Monje Arenas within the microscopic image with the battering ram of our Brand, the Achilles II microscope configured for biology, providing from Haxon our knowledge in the different configuration and operation techniques and supplying personalized accessories.

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